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Photographer Agreement

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COVID-19 Agreement

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My Mission:

This is an exciting time, whether you have an occasion or not – you've decided to set up a photoshoot to celebrate yourself, your family, your friends or your soon to be bundle of joy. The world is a crazy place right now and photos where you both look good and feel good are a very special thing. Trust me, I've done some self portraits and they have vastly lifted my mood.

You want to be able to look back at these photos and remember not the world we lived in but the world you have created for yourself during this time. With Hello Sylv we want you to feel special – BECAUSE YOU ARE! And we will work with you to make sure you have the best photoshoot possible.

How Does It Work?

First things first, let's figure out the type of shoot you want. Head to the Pricing page to learn more about each shoot. Once you have decided, fill out the form with the date you wish to shoot on and I will get back to you on availability. Please let me know if your shoot is time sensitive. 

Once the shoot package has been decided, you will send an initial payment of 50% to secure your time slot. This payment will not be refunded should you decide to cancel.

After each shoot you will receive a link to your full watermarked gallery 7-14 days after the shoot which you will have for 30 days. Unfortunately, I can't keep every photo taken so it's up to you if you want to download them and keep them forever! Feel free to share the watermarked images on social media, just don't forget to tag me! I'm just like you, I like watching the comments roll in. 

From there, you decide which photos you'd like to have edited. If you need help picking, I am happy to help you decide. Send me the list of photos and I will edit the photos and send them back to you within 7 days of your e-mail. Phew, that was easy, right? 

"I've scheduled my shoot, now what?"

The hard part is over! That wasn't so bad, right? (If it was, let me know and I'll work to improve the experience). 

Now, comes the fun part. You and I will hop on a creative consultation call (or e-mail if you don't like calls) where we discuss what exactly you're looking for and how we can achieve that together.

From there, just pick out your perfect outfit, hair and makeup and get ready for the shoot. Play music, stare out of your window like you're in a music video, anything to get your "lewk" down (please fill out the contact form if you never want me to use "lewk" again). Be sure to also fill out both forms at the top of this page. 


Currently, due to COVID-19 I will be doing all photoshoots outside unless you would like the shoot to be done in your own home (given that you have not had COVID-19 in the past 14 days).

Ah, it's raining outside! Help!

Oh no! We had a shoot scheduled outside (because of COVID-19) and now we can't shoot! Don't worry, we will immediately set up a new time (if the rain lets up soon) or a new date. Unfortunately, your initial payment will not be returned should you decide to cancel all together.

Hair + Makeup + Wardrobe

Currently, hair and makeup will not be provided by me. Please arrive to the shoot hair, wardrobe and makeup ready. Any time spent adjusting hair, changing your wardrobe or fixing your makeup will be included in the overall time. But not to worry – 30 minutes or 1 hour is plenty of time to get the perfect shots. 

Social Media

You are beautiful and I want to share that with the world! Any photo that is edited and delivered back to you, I might put on Instagram or this webpage under the portfolio section.

Of course, any image that is boudoir or maternity in nature (based on agreed upon package) your face will be hidden unless you specifically tell me you don't mind! I want to make sure all of my clients are comfortable. 

But I promise I'm not a monster, if I have posted something of you that you really don't like (hopefully that is not the case since I'm only taking from your chosen edited photos) I will promptly take it down and pick another with you.

Let's Do This!

With Love, Sylvie

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